Helping riders enjoy the process – not just the result!

For the recreational or competitive rider, I’d love to suggest ways to get that little bit extra out of your horse's performance. Trailer your horse in for a lesson or contact Lindsay to arrange a farm visit.

Private, semi-private or small group sessions. Ask about joining riders at an Ontario farm near you.

Video Coaching: For more information Click Here

Teaching the "Hows" and "Whys" of riding

   Refreshingly straightforward and simple!

  • 1. The “How“ are the mechanics of riding:
  • • precise pace control
  • • lateral exercises – bending, leg yielding , turns on the    haunches and forehand
  • • collection, suppleness, eliminating resistance
  • • details of timing and technique for rider aids/cues
  • • techniques and strategies for competition

2. "Whys": explanations, based on the fascinating science of
     how horses think and learn.

  •  Why does my horse react that way?
  •  Why use this tack/technique? Tradition or logical reason?
  •  Why do horses learn differently than people…or dogs?
  •  Why does my horse understand this skill at home and not at the show?
  •  What is the application for this skill on the trail or in the show ring

Understanding inspires confidence – and “thinking riders” who are able to solve problems!


Competitive students can meet Lindsay at many of the Ontario Quarter Horse Association shows to receive guidance throughout the day and a "game plan" before each class.

Equestrian Canada Testing

Lindsay is a certified Equestrian Canada Level 2 Western Coach and National Coaching Level 3 coach and is available to test riders and aspiring trainers in this program.