Coach, judge, speaker and equine behaviourist, Lindsay Grice has trained hundreds of horses and riders in her 25 years as a professional.

      “I love to give riders the tools to solve their horse puzzles based on the science of how horses think and learn,” she says.

      “Is it me or my horse?” Lindsay shares insights into how horses tick for equine associations, riding clubs and at private farms,
       creating thinking horsemen of her students by teaching the “why” behind each “how” of riding.

Lindsay began competing in the hunter ring and transitioned to include AQHA Western and English events in 1990. Both she and her students have won at major shows in the United States and Canada.

 Why do people do what they do?
In studying the science of equine behaviour, Lindsay's gathered fascinating equine research to share with horse lovers in the classroom and in the saddle! Drawing from 25 years’ practical experience training hundreds of horses professionally, she says

   "By simplifying the science of how horses think and learn, I give riders some tools to
    solve their horse puzzles I wish I’d had earlier in my career!."

  • • How traditions and the science of training sometimes collide.
  • • When evidence bumps into emotion!

Why do horses do what they do?      
Lindsay knows firsthand that despite having a trunkload of tack and technical skills, a ride can be won or lost in the communication of our signals. As someone who's been there – forgotten courses, made training mistakes, endured a hollering coach, felt the competition jitters and made it to the winner's circle, Lindsay shares insights from sports psychology she wishes she'd known!

  • • The role of emotions.
  • • Horse show pressure.
  • • Distraction: How to avoid sending mixed messages and noisy cues to your horse.

  • • Lecturer in Equine Behaviour (University of Guelph courses, many equine associations)
  • • Equine magazine columnist
  • • Show judge: AQHA , Equine Canada Judge, Provincial hunter/jumper judge.
  • • Equine Canada judging committee and clinician for General Performance judging clinics
  • • Speaker and clinician
  • • 25 yrs as a professional coach, competitor and horse trainer
  • • Certified Equine Canada coach
  • • Level 3 NCCP sport coach (National Coaching Certification Program)
  • • Equine expert witness and consultant
  • • Appearances on television and radio, speaking about horse related issues.